What is it?

The Shop Esquimalt guide is an 8.5” x 5.5” booklet that will be printed and delivered door-to-door in the Township of Esquimalt.

The guide will feature a combination of magazine-style copy, advertisements and coupons redeemable at local businesses.

Who can participate?

At this time we invite all Chamber members in good standing to participate in the guide.

If your business would like to purchase a Chamber membership, go here.

How do I participate?

To purchase ad space, please email Martin martin@esquimaltchamber.ca or call (250) 590-2125.

To create a coupon, please visit this link.

Want more information?

Read the prospectus for more details on advertising options, dimensions, target audience and more. [LINK TO PDF]

Dates & Deadlines

Monday July 12- Final day to submit coupons
Monday August 2- Final date to purchase ad space                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Monday August 9- guide sent to print
Week of September 1– estimated delivery date door-to-door final date to purchase ad space

*Dates are estimates and subject to change.


Who can participate in the Shop Esquimalt Guide?
All Esquimalt Chamber members in good standing are eligible to participate. You do not have to own a storefront in Esquimalt. This can include all Esquimalt Farmer’s Market vendors, home-based businesses, retail and service businesses. If you are an Esquimalt Chamber member, you can participate.

But what if I do business in Victoria? 
If you are an Esquimalt Chamber member you can participate.

Is there a cost to participate? 
There is no cost to create a coupon for Chamber members. To submit a coupon it takes 2-mins. Click this link to submit your coupon.

What if my business doesn’t need a coupon? How else can I participate? 
We have limited advertising space remaining. Please refer to the prospectus (above).

We are also accepting story and editorial content for inclusion. Please contact us for more information.

Can you design an ad for me?
Yes, we can design your ad for you for an extra charge of $50.00. Please see details in the prospectus (above).

How many copies are being delivered? 
We are printing 1,000 copies for this round. Depending on the reception, we plan to print another version in 6-months with greater distribution.

Will there be a digital version? 
At this point in time we are focusing on the print version to reach consumers who may not be engaged with digital content. In future we will create both a digital and print version.

I have an idea for something I want in the guide, can I talk to you?
Yes! Definitely. We’d love to hear your ideas. Please get in touch. You can email or call Martin at martin@esquimaltchamber.ca or (250) 590-2125. Due to our deadlines, we might not be able to execute your idea with this version, but we’d love to know what you’d like for future issues.


Chamber members can submit their information to have a complimentary coupon published in the guide. There is no cost for this if you are a member in good standing.