Saxe Point Day Care – Supporting Children and Families in Esquimalt for 50 Years

Saxe Point Day Care, owned by Meagan Brame has been a fixture in Esquimalt for the past 50 years. Brame, an Esquimalt city councillor is the fourth owner in a line of diverse and interesting entrepreneurs.

In 1971, Saxe Point Day Care was the first licensed child care centre in Esquimalt. The centre has been at 477 Joffre Street since its inception.

Previous owners include Betty Witwicki, Pauline Robillard, Gunter Grambart and Meagan Brame (current).

Betty Witwicki, the day care’s original owner passed away in 2014, but has a rich legacy. She was a Registered Nurse with a BA in Psychology and held a teaching certificate. She played the bagpipes and was a Highland (Scottish) dancer.

Following Witwicki, Pauline Robillard purchased the day care and lived above the business for 10 years. Robillard enjoyed the neighbourhood so much she moved just a short block away to the “other” Joffre Street. Robillard offered programming with a French language component that drew a lot of military families to the day care.

Changing hands again, Gunter Grambart purchased the centre from Pauline in 1990. At the time Grambart also owned Beacon Gardens Early Childhood Centre and Fairfield Early Childhood Centre. One of the first men to enter into child care, Grambart was a trailblazer in the industry.

Meagan Brame, a young 24-year old and Grambart’s employee, purchased the centre from him in 1994. Brame holds her Early Childhood Education, Infant/Toddler and Special Needs Certification as well as a BA in Child and Youth Care. Through Brame’s ownership, she has further developed it into a community-oriented program, due in part to her years on Esquimalt municipal Council.

Passionate about families and children, Meagan’s son Alex has recently joined the team of fabulous teachers.

“Saxe Point has had many families come through the centre, some local and some from other parts of the region. Some of the families are military and now live across the globe, while others still live in our vibrant community. It has been a privilege to be part of the Esquimalt community for so many years,” says Meagan Brame.

Saxe Point Day Care would like to hear from you if you or your child attended the centre. Please send stories and photos to: