As our numbers of COVID-19 rise on Vancouver Island, it’s an important time for local employers to review their COVID Safety Plans and consider whether protocols developed at the onset of the pandemic are up-to-date.

REMINDER: All employers must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place. WorkSafeBC has a number of resources available to help you develop a Safety Plan. [WorkSafeBC] Covid-19 Safety Plan Template


[BC Centre for Disease Control]: Employers & Business Tools and Resources List

[BC Government]: List of all COVID-19 Business Supports 

How to Review & Implement your Safety Measures: 

1. ASSESS RISK: Employers must assess their workplaces in order to identify places where the risk of transmission is introduced.

2. IMPLEMENT SAFETY MEASURES: You must select and put measures in place to minimize the risk of transmission, these can include ensuring physical distancing can be maintained, separate people with barriers, sanitize and clean frequently.

3. DEVELOP POLICIES: Develop the necessary policies to manage your workplace, including policies around who can be at the workplace, how to address illness that arises at the workplace, and how workers can be kept safe in adjusted working conditions. Communicate these policies clearly to workers through training, signage, and reminders as required.

4. COMMUNICATE: You must ensure that everyone entering the workplace, including workers from other employers, knows how to keep themselves safe while at your workplace.

5. MONITOR AND UPDATE: Things may change as your business operates. If you identify a new area of concern, or if it seems like something isn’t working, take steps to update your policies and procedures. Involve workers in this process.

6. ASSESS AND ADDRESS NEW RISKS: If your workplace has not been operating, there may be risks arising from restarting your business that you need to manage.

Source: WorkSafeBC