#gowestshore – GAP Publishing Group Inc.

#gowestshore – GAP Publishing Group Inc.
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#gowestshore – GAP Publishing Group Inc.

We believe that the heart and dynamic pulse of Vancouver Island resides right here on the West Shore, affording each of us the perfect environment to live, work & play:

  • active, diverse, creative lifestyles
  • in beautiful, open spaces and places
  • that foster a family-friendly community spirit
  • rich in public amenities
  • built on a strong economic foundation
  • by people just like you

Our company’s GoWestShore publications and services exist to inspire people about everything that’s special & worthwhile on the West Shore – a showcase of what life is like here. Why we we live here, why we’re so proud of what we’re accomplishing together, and what we’re all about. It is our time to shine! GoWestShore has created a portal and multiple publications to help each of us get informed, engaged and stay connected.