Anchor City Contracting

Anchor City Contracting
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Anchor City Contracting

Joshua Marek started Anchor City Contracting to provide a service he believes in and a business to take pride in. Coming from a long tradition of honest hard working builders, he brings over a decade of renovations and new construction experience to each project.

At Anchor City Contracting we want to create, rebuild, and reshape your spaces into healthy, efficient, livable places that stand the test of time. We’re here to help you navigate the construction process and take your project from plan through completion with the least stress possible.

Renovations are our specialty. Years of international experience on projects large and small have developed the problem solving and foresight needed when reshaping re-purposing an old structure. We can help you focus your vision for a space by understanding the structure underpinning it all and make that vision a reality.

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Esquimalt, BC